Salaat: The Islamic Prayer from A to Z

Salaat: The Islamic Prayer from A to Z
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Salaat: The Islamic Prayer from A to Z

By: Dr. Mamdouh Mohamed.

This unique book presents the 5 Islamic daily prayers in a step-by-step approach. These prayers are the true sources of Islamic spirituality. Additionally, it illustrates all other prayers. People of other faiths and cultures find it beneficial to learn about Islamic culture in depth and in a presentable format. The full colored book includes 85 illustrations, 25 tables and charts, 35 golden spiritual tips, 40 supplications, 175 common errors, 150 questions and answers, and a comprehensive glossary. Original

"The impact of Salaat is unique. It captures the heart of any watcher from the first moment. The nice postures of the body, the smooth transition between movements, the lowering of the eyes to the ground, the position of the hands on the chest, and the beauty of Qur'anic recitation manifest a genuine state of submission, respect, and humbleness which Muslims show their Lord five times a day. You can feel it, you can see it, you can touch it. It is really something amazing. The pre-Salaat cleaning adds more brightness to their calm faces. Undoubtedly, this Salaat is perfectly designed. When compared with other religions, there is nothing like it. No wonder so many converts are so deeply touched by the beautiful sight of Muslims in Salaat."



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