Islam and the World

Islam and the World
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Islam and the World

Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi

Despite the world's tremendous advances in the fields of science and technology, almost all communities have been led into wildernesses of fear, greed, loneliness, and spiritual despair. Professor Nadwi explicitly asserts that achievements of science and technology did not match humanity's moral or spiritual aspirations. Should a corresponding improvement is attained in human behavior through applying the teachings of Islam, such advances would have conferred benefits on all parties.

The author, while strictly basing his work on most authentic sources, has depicted the religious, social, morall, and political state of the pre-Islamic world particularly on the eve of the prophethood of Muhammad in a concise but comprehensive manner. He has outlined the very important role played by Islam in reformulating the concept of humanity. The author has made it clear how Islam saved human societies from degradation, and civilization from disintegration and ruin.

Since Islam is a faith and way of life, it inspires pioneering in all fields. Its principles could be tested and proven correct only when it assumes leadership. Details could be pursued in this invaluable book.



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