The Prophetic Medicine

The Prophetic Medicine
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By Imam Ibn Qayim Al-Jawziah

When you are ill, naturally, you will visit your doctor. He'll give you a medicine or some advice on how to cure your illness. 

But what if the "doctor" is one who receives revelations from Allah? Let's be more specific: What if the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) himself suggested cures and health advices? Doesn't that make you eager to find out what they are? 

Surely this great man of history, the mercy to mankind, and Allah's final and beloved prophet, would be holding secrets and advices so much better than what any doctor would prescribe for you! 

This book, by Imam Ibn Qayim Al-Jawziah, explains many of these prophetic medicines. These prescriptions are guaranteed to give you a healthier, more stable life. They are advices from our prophet (PBUH), after all. 

Hard Cover 
384 Pages 

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