The Rulings of the Two Eids

The Rulings of the Two Eids
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The Rulings of the Two Eids in the Light of the Authentic Sunnah

By Ali Hasan Ali Abdul Hamid Al-Halabi Al-Athari


Islam, the religion revealed by Allah the Merciful, did not ignore or disregard the human need for entertainment and allowed pleasure. The two'Eids are two occasions on which people show and feel happiness.

But what do we do in these two events? How did the prophet and his companions act during these days? What rituals did they practice???

All of these questions naturally pop into our minds and make us worry about whether we are performing our celebrations correctly or not.

This book speaks out, "Not to fear, I am here!" and answers all of these confusing, perpetual questions in full and vivid detail. It explains what we do in each 'Eid and mentions common violations that some Muslims commit on these two religious occasions.


Soft Cover.

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