The Sunnah: A Source of Civilization

The Sunnah: A Source of Civilization
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The Sunnah: A Source of Civilization

By: Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

As we all know, our society these days is in a frantic search for civilization, diplomacy, and being as human as possible. 

But with everyone having their own strong, firm opinions, how do we know which act is right--and which is wrong? 

Now, some would turn to television, books, movies, the internet... 

Some turn to friends, peer pressure, role models... 

While others turn to the dearest thing they possess. 
Their religion. 

Of course, Islam explains to us everything. But this very little detail, Civilization, is extremely rare to find... and unless you're one who can detect things before they wave to you, then you'll never find them. 

This book saves its readers the trouble of that frantic search which today's leaders--and even followers--ache to end. 

By Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, this book is one which definitely teaches something that'll never be forgotten. 

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