Salah Ad-Deen Al-Ayubi 3 volumes

Salah Ad-Deen Al-Ayubi  3 volumes
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Salah Ad-Deen Al-Ayubi

By Dr. Ali M. Sallabi


The renowned contemporary Arab historian of Islam, Dr. Ali M. Sallabi has written a fascinating biography of a man who looms larger than life throughout history, yet who remains largely unknown to people outside of the Arab world.

Dr. Sallabi's meticulous research has effectively filled that gap in our knowledge. His work is more than just a biography, as the readers will see.

This three volume work has been made more useful to the reader in this English edition through the addition of a map, a timeline, a list of dynasties of the period and a comprehensive glossary.

Volume One: Crusades Prior to the Rise of the Ayubid state.

Volume Two: The Establishment of the Ayubid state.

Volume Three: The Battle of Hattin, the conquest of Jerusalem and the Third Crusade.

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