Essential Rights

Essential Rights
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Essential Rights

By H.E. Sheikh Mohammed al-Salih al-Othaimin

Islam, true Christianity, true Judaism, and all other known and unknown divine religions are from the same source: Allah, the Almighty, Who inspired and revealed these religions throughout the history of mankind in order to establish peace, law, justice, and ethics upon Earth.

He, the Almighty assigned man as a vicegerent on Earth, not the angel. He, the Almighty blessed man with a very peculiar nature. Man may commit sins, but shortly after repents, often returning to His Lord, Allah, the Almighty, seking His Mercy, Forgiveness, and Blessings. That is one nature of man. As for the other nature, man is blessed with an innocent, clean, honest, and tender heart that leads him to obey His Lord, Allah, worship Him sincerely and seek His blessings and guidance.

Allah revealed His Divine Laws for man. These laws fulfill the various and versatile needs of man on Earth. They help preserve the human race, protect the environment, support truth, and fight evil wherever it may be, and regardless of its source.

Man, therefore, is in deep need to know and maintain the essential rights of life. Some of the major rights that man should know, recognize, and assure throughout his life are summed up and explained in thorough detail in this book.




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