Islamic Rules on Menstruation and Post-Natal Bleeding

Islamic Rules on Menstruation and Post-Natal Bleeding
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Islamic Rules on Menstruation and Poost-Natal Bleeding

By Bilal Philips

This book addresses the Islamic rules on the major problematic issue of female hygiene. The author has researched and compiled hadeeths related with these female issues. Chapter one explains the female bleeding issues, chapter two defines the Islamic rulings on purity and prayer, and chapter three details the methods of ritual purification in Islam. It is a must in all Islamic households.

"This book presents much-needed and sought-after information clarifying many delicate and pertinent details regarding feminine hygiene. The author clearly elucidates the Islamic view and rulings regarding menstruating and postpartum women. The question and answer section of this book answers questions every Muslim woman wants and needs to know the answers to."



                  -Hediyah Al-Amin, Columinist, The Peninsula, Doha, Qatar

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