Muhammads Prophethood: Reality or Myth

Muhammads Prophethood: Reality or Myth
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Muhammad's Prophethood: Reality or Myth

By 'Abdul-Radhi Muhammad 'Abdul-Mohsin


No other personality in history has generated more debate than that of the prophet of Islam, Muhammad.

He's been ranked the number one most influential man in human history! And not by a Muslim, but by a westerner.

Was he a prophet, or an imposter?

Did Moses really tell of his coming?

Did Jesus order future generations to follow him?

Does the Bible describe him and his message?

If you have been contemplating these questions, you will find answers in this book.

It will shock you, soothe you, make you cry, but most of all--it will EDUCATE you.

Ignorance begets fear, and fear begets hatred. This book is a bridge over a gap widened by recent world events and the negative media coverage of them.




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