Muharramat - forbidden matters some people take lightly

Muharramat - forbidden matters some people take  lightly
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Muharramat - forbidden matters some people take  lightly

By Muhammad Al-Munajid

Some Muslims who are either ignorant or of weak faith still commit many acts which Allah never allowed. Ignorance is not an excuse for doing Muharramat, hence is the importance of such books which deal in detail with many Muharramat that should be consciously learnt and consequently never committed.

The author, Sheikh Ma-Munajjid,has dealt with matters such as calling for help from sheikh, saints and things other than Allah; worshipping the dead and circumambulatig their graves; invoking prophets, using magic and fortune-telling and believing in astorlogists and planets, etc.

As such, this book of prohibitions in beliefs and worship acts is a must to almost every Muslim. if he/she is really practicing Islam and wants to be safe and free of great sins.


Pages: 128

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