Christian Muslim dialogue

Christian Muslim dialogue
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Christian Muslim Dialogue

By: Hasan M. Baagil, M.D.

This book, has been widely used in calling Christians to embrace Islam. Christian-Muslim Dialogue is a result of Dr. Baagil's study of Christianity and the Bible over a four year period. This work by Dr. Baagil, a dedicated Muslim, reflects his meticulous and painstaking effort to present his findings clearly, concisely and thoroughly. Dr. Baagil writes: In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. This booklet has been written as the result of dialogues that I had with members of the Christian clergy and laity. The discussions were polite, pleasant, friendly, and constructive without the slightest intention of hurting the religious feeling of any Christian... [This book] is indispensable for those looking for the truth and those studying Comparative religion.


Soft Cover.

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