The Sweetness of Hijab

The Sweetness of Hijab
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The Sweetness of Hijab

By Dr.Safiyyah Zaghloul


Islam seeks to make people, when dealing with one another, free of any physical considerations. Through Hijab, Islam aims to take away the pressure on women of being slim, young, beautiful for every passer-by, giving her an oppurtunity to be on a more equal footing in society. Without Hijab, women may have to lay themselves open to the scrutiny and intrusive glances of anyone who would size her up and accept or reject her according to some arbitrary standards which ignore what is of true value to the betterment of society.

By commanding the woman to cover herself, Islam defines the value of woman and stresses that safeguarding her chastity and dignity is far more precious than even those things of high material value. As you read this book, you will find that Islam raises the status of woman and protects her from simply being an object of desire.

Take this for example:

When you go to shops that sell gold or expensive material, you usually come across ones that are covered in pieces of white cloths to keep it safe from thieves or burglars, or people who may recognize the beauty and high value of the item. Islam does the same thing with the woman. It commands her to cover herself, because Allah knows for sure that she is extremely important.



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