Weakness of Faith

Weakness of Faith
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Weakness of Faith

By Muhammad Salih al-Munajjid

The phenomenon of weak faith has become very widespread among Muslims, and many people at present complain about the hardness of their hearts. So often now than ever we hear the words, "I feel roughness in my heart," "I do not feel joy in worship," "Reading Qur'an does not move me," "I fall into sin so easily," and most of all... "I feel that my faith has hit rock bottom."

The effects of this affliction can be seen in so many people, and this problem is the cause of every disaster and adversity.

The issue of people's hearts is an important and sensitive one. The heart is called "qalb" in Arabic, because it changes so quickly and frequently to "taqallub" (Taqallub means alterations, variations, ups and downs.)

Every Muslim should always try to find out his or her weakness of faith and seek the proper remedy. But then again, sometimes... and just sometimes... your most desired remedies are ones that stare you straight in the eyes.

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Hard Cover.

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