Imam Bukhari- Imam Al-Muhadditheen

Imam Bukhari- Imam Al-Muhadditheen
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Imam Bukhari- Imam Al-Muhadditheen

الامام البخارى : امام المحدثين

By : Luqman Nagy 

This book, authored by Luqman Nagy, introduces the reader to the life and times of Muhammad ibn Ismâ‘eel, the greatest of all Hadith scholars. In later life, he became known as Imam Bukhari. This Muslim spent his entire life in the service of his Lord and the Muslim community. His gift to the Ummah (nation) was the collection of hadiths in Saheeh al-Bukhâri, which Muslims cherish and read with confidence today. The story behind this remarkable achievement is certainly one worth telling and worth knowing.

Pages: 147


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