Funeral Rites in Islam

Funeral Rites in Islam
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Funeral Rites in Islam

By: Dr. Bilal Philips

No ( English-speaking) Muslim's library is complete without a copy of this book.

This book paints a clear picture of how to deal with dying and death according to the authentic sunnah. The author clearly seeks to revive the sunnah by pointing out the many religious innovations that have unfortunately spread across the Muslim world . This indispensable reference directs the reader with authentic evidence, step-by-step through the process of implementing the way of the Prophet (PBUH) and his companions in handling this essential and inevitable issue.

From the deathbed to the washing and shouding to the burial, this guide prepares its reader with the necessary how that will benefit both the dead and the living at the time of bereavement.


Pages: 160

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