Women in Islam

Women in Islam
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Women in Islam

By: Amr Khaled

Women, and how they are viewed in Islam, has been subject to many misconceptions; sometimes intentionally and other times unintentionally.  Placing women as a target for attack in any society is like attacking the whole society in its core.  Women are the mothers and teachers of generations, and their worth in society is greater than any human words can describe.  

When Muslims are sometimes found to be misinformed about how highly Islam regards women, it is then no wonder that non-Muslims should lack accurate and authentic information on this issue, that has become a hot topic on the media, worldwide.

How does Islam honor and respect women?  How did Islam give women an unprecedented status that was never before achieved by any other faith?  How did the prophet of Islam treat his wives?  How did he respect their opinion and their rights?

These questions, as well as many others, are what Amr Khaled tries to answer in this book which is a translation of a collection of some of his various lectures and lessons from the past few years.  Reading the book will not only clear some of the question marks surrounding this very hot topic, it will also clear much of the fog that has been concealing the real status of women in Islam.



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