Co-existence with Other Faiths

Co-existence with Other Faiths
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Co-existence with Other Faiths

By Amr Khaled

When you live in a society that is different from yours, immersed in a culture that is unknown to you, you might go to either one of two extremes, thinking that there is no third way to do it.  One: you shut your doors on yourself and your family and live cooped up in your own shell.  Or two: you open all your doors and windows and dissolve completely till you wake up one day to the realization that you no longer recognize your own language, your own features or your own identity.

This book is a word-to-word translation for a lecture that was given by Amr Khaled in Germany.  In it, he tells his audience that there is indeed another way to living in new society and dealing with a new culture.   The way of Islam has always been, and will always be the middle,



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