Tafsir Ibn Kathir 4 vols

Tafsir Ibn Kathir 4 vols
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Tafsir Ibn Kathir

Complete Set (4 Volumes)

By Imam Ibn Kathir

Imam Al-Hafiz Imad Ad-Din Abi Al-Feda Ibn Kathir Ad-Dimashqi (774 A.H.) is such a comprehensive reference wherein one finds knowledge, narration, the mentioning of the verse and the hadith of the same concept or that which thereto refers, Occasions of revelation, Sirah (Prophet's biography), biography of Imams, transmission of hadith, and more of that which Almighty Allah has bestowed upon the Sheikh (may Allah rest his soul) of eloquence and demonstrative data that he has been keen to state therein his interpretation to be read by the Muslim nation, generation after generation.

His work, that we are immensely proud to present to you, Tafsir Ibn Kathir, is one of the best interpretations of the Qur'an in the market today.

It's been sought after by many people worldwide because of being blessed by Allah for being effectual in Muslims' hearts, easy to acquire, of simple, easy-to-understand phrases and form, of purport and clear-cut approach as it grants the meaning with such simplicity and explicitness. When reading this book, you will surely be captivated by such an obsessive narration. Helplessly and interestingly enough, you will pursue from the verse to its meaning, to its coherent noble hadith, to the command implied, to the Shar'i ruling, to the wisdom thereof; hence, enjoying such permanent pleasure of being acquainted with the best outcome of the scholars of the first, second, and third Hijri centuries.

This interpretation is among the only which has interpreted the Qur'an by the Qur'an.


Pages: 2576

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