The Miracles Of The Prophet

The Miracles Of The Prophet
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The Miracles Of The Prophet

By Ibn Kathir

 You've probably heard a few: the washing of the prophet's heart, his involuntary resistance to sins, his extroardinary birth.

Sure, you've read some more: the miracle of the Qur'an, the wealth and that came to Halimah, and even the prophet's mercy was a miracle!

Although they aren't like the evident and breathtaking "magical" miracles of the Prophet Musa's, they're still miracles.

This book, The Miracles of the Prophet, covers most of these amazing miracles and, in detail, reviews and desribes each one.

Like a fiction book, the pages of the book are filled with suspense, amazement, and, most of all, miracles. So that you can say after the moving to each other chapter, "IT'S A MIRACLE!!"

And dear reader, you know what I'm talking about.


Hard Cover.

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