Sincerity: The Essential Quality

Sincerity: The Essential Quality
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Sincerity: The Essential Quality

By Dr.Yosuf Al-Qaradawi

The challenge of maintaining sincerity in your heart will grip you for your entire life. How amazing is the human soul—that an intention makes a world of difference, though the external actions may be identical. Every supplication and every moment alone with the Creator you pray that you are counted among the sincere ones. The pursuit of sincerity is a lifelong journey, and your will power must be sustained and renewed if you are to make it safely to the finish line.

In “Sincerity: The Essential Quality,” Shaykh Al-Qaradawi calls upon Muslim activists to continually reexamine their hearts and keep their highest aim foremost in their minds. MAS Publications presents this adapted translation as inspiration to all American Muslim activists working for the sake of Allah.

Pages: 59

Soft Cover.

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