The Wives of The Prophet Muhammad PBUH

The Wives of The Prophet Muhammad PBUH
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The Wives of The Prophet Muhammad PBUH 
By: Faridah Debas
This book contains a wealth of captivating information about the distinguished wives of the Prophet (may Allah be pleased with them) and the wisdom behind their marriages. Each wife is honoured as an individual, and their lives exemplify an ideal for which Muslims may strive.
In this book , you will read about:
- Khadija (RAA)
- Sawdah Bent Zamaah (RAA)
- Aaisha Bent As-Seddeq (RAA)
- Hafsah Bent Al-Farouq Omar (RAA)
- Zaynab Bent Jahsh (RAA)
- Zaynab Bent Khuzaymah (RAA)
- Omo Salamah (RAA)
- Joayreyah Bent Al-Hareth
- Safiyah Bent Hoyay
- Maymona Bent Al-Harth
- Maryah the Copt
- Rayhana Bent Zayed
Hard Cover.

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